Wedding Dress Box, Dress Storage or Air Travel Boxes

Wedding Dress Box made in the UK, supplying Personalised Wedding Dress Storage and Travel Boxes for taking your wedding dress on a plane. Wedding Dress Boxes can also be used for long term storage of your wedding gown. Have your wedding dress dry cleaned by a professional company who specialise in dry cleaning wedding dresses.

Personalised Candle Holders

Here at Bonbod’s we love designing new items and we are now producing personalised candle holders. As ever like our wedding boxes you can get, we can design a personalised candle unique to you, to see our latest candle holder designs CLICK HERE.

Storing Your Wedding Dress Box

All our Wedding Dress Boxes are made in the UK from strong & sturdy PH Neutral, Acid Free pure white card & come with Acid Free Tissue. They also come with 2 metres of satin ribbon and dress folding & packing instructions, so you know your precious bridal outfit will be safe.

After packing your wedding dress, store the wedding dress box away from direct sunlight, damp or heat sources, maybe a warm dry spare room etc. Make sure the room is insect free & not damp like an attic/loft to minimise any damage to your dress.

Every 6 months always check on the dress to make sure all is well, we recommend that you unpack the repack once a year or so, this will prevent over creasing to your wedding dress.

Things To Avoid While Storing Your Wedding Dress

Whilst thinking about how to store your wedding dress after it has been dry cleaned. Don’t consider a plastic dress cover to store it, these covers are okay for hanging the dress before a wedding, but definitely not long term storage.

The plastic dress covers let in light that can seriously fade your wedding outfit. Also mould can form inside the dress cover due to condensation & changes in room temperature. Wedding Dress Boxes from Bonbod’s are all made from strong sturdy PH Neural/Acid Free cardboard, unlike other cheap wedding boxes on ebay or Amazon. Normal cardboard boxes contain harmful acid that can cause discolouration to your wedding dress.

We don’t recommend that you leave your wedding dress hanging on a hanger in your wardrobe for long periods either. After so long the dress can lose it’s shape & the hanger can cause stress on the seams.

Wedding Dress Box, For Air Travel, UK

A wedding abroad is exciting, but travelling with your expensive wedding dress can be a scary experience. The airline could lose or misplace your luggage, the dress could get badly damaged, dirty or creased.

Our Wedding Dress Boxes are perfect for your wedding abroad to keep your wedding dress safe & close by. They can be carried onto your flight as hand luggage & stored in the cabin overhead lockers. Our Wedding Dress Travel Box size is 55 x 36 x 20cms which is suitable for most airline hand luggage size restrictions. So if you getting married with TUI, First Choice & flying with British Airways, Ryan Air, Virgin Airways etc you are good to go.

Personalised Wedding Dress Travel Boxes, UK

What makes our Wedding Dress Boxes a cut above the rest is that they can be totally personalised. We have loads of designs to choose from, or you can ask for a bespoke design, we have an in house design team ready to create your unique box. Our wedding dress boxes have literally travelled the globe & back. So why not make a statement when you check in at the airport. Whilst the other brides will be checking in with boring hand luggage, your personalised wedding dress travel box will be a show stopper.

Wedding Dress Box, as Memory Keepsake Box

After your big day you will have lots of life memories, photos, presents etc. Why not use your dress box as a memory keepsake box to store all your wedding mementos away safely. Our wedding boxes are really versatile in many ways & are far more than just a box. If you would like to see our full range visit our shop.